Yesterday on the way to yet another Pet Scan I was thinking…I would have superpowers by now if I were a Marvel Comic.  When you are injected with a substance that has a half-life, you should at least be left with some cool quirk, like the ability to glow in the dark.

I have had loads of chemicals injected into my body. When they hand you a hazmat kit containing goggles, gloves, and a gown…followed by instructions on how to deal with a leak in the tube running from the pump to your body.  Well, by the time they finish you think it would be easier to get a match and burn the house down, just to be safe.

I asked how often does that really happen.  Apparently there was an incident with a cat….of course.  Probably premeditated.  No doubt the cat has superpowers.


My Two Cents?

A penny for your thoughts…my two cents worth?  Apparently those expressions were “coined” before the concept of intellectual property.  Anyway, left to my own devices on a 3 day weekend, I decide I need my own personal blog.  And here I am…feeling a little guilty actually.  I should be cleaning, involved in some massive DIY project, on a trip involving water sports, visiting grave sites, after all three day weekends are few and far between.  Yet here I am, after hours of laboriously building my page, sharing my intellectual property with the WORLD…yes the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  On top of all of that, I had been sensibly working toward paying off my credit card. Yet instead of making a sizable payment here I am foolishly, plunking down some plastic to finance my blogging whim, not exactly getting the Dave Ramsey seal of approval there.

Anyway, welcome to my blog.