Home Sweet Home

My house is a lot like the ugly child that only a mother could love.  Only people wouldn’t actually tell you your CHILD was ugly right?  But people have no problem expressing an opinion about your house, or at least my house.  My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree house, it just needs a little love right?  OK maybe a lotta love.

What people have said over the years…

When I got a divorce:  “You got the house?  You must have had a really bad lawyer.”  I have to admit, it was hard keeping a straight face when my lawyer called referred to the house and assets as the marital estate.

At a party:  “So where do you live?”….”Really, we used to live there.  I hated that house, I was so glad to finally move.”  You know how later that night you come up with a witty response to a tactless remark?  Year later, I still got nothing.  I am forever at the party stunned and speechless.

Another time when talking to a friend about working on my house. She says, “Well, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

What does that even mean?  I picture a medieval merchant selling counterfeit purses…hey, I have something special in the back.  The buyer inspects the goods and retorts, ” You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.  The phrase miraculously becomes wildly popular without the benefit of social media.  Centuries later uninspired people mindlessly continue to use this phrase. (yes, finally a comeback)

Maybe, I should have called my blog the sow’s ear.


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