Don’t Buy Any Green Bananas

I remember an old guy at my church once said he wouldn’t be buying any green bananas.   Have you heard that before?  Apparently it is something old people say when they think their days are numbered.

My problem is perishables expire before I do.  Which is a VERY good thing, not really a problem at all actually.  Thank GOD I am out living the perishables.  Anyway I buy milk that doesn’t expire for a couple of months, so I don’t have to waste perfectly good milk.  The longevity of milk is a mystery to me, how does a carton of milk even last 2 months?  Some of the milk is not even in the refrigerator anymore, freaky.

I have recently added another criteria to my milk purchasing.  When loading my groceries into the car, I picked up one of those flimsy plastic bags stuffed with 2 cartons of milk.  Of course the bag broke and the milk went crashing down to the pavement.  Causing me to use a PG-13 expletive (there were extenuating circumstances, I really like milk).  I was certain I would look down and see milk streaming out of the cartons.  No leaks, amazing.  One of the cartons had a crushed corner and the other had flattened on one side, no leaks.  I am sure environmentalist everywhere hate this type of durable packaging.  Me, I am selfishly relieved that my milk has survived plummeting to the ground.  My new favorite milk, Darigold, long expiration dates and cartons that can be slammed to the ground without rupturing.  Can you imagine that milk commercial, a woman in the parking lot slamming milk cartons on the ground. Other milks unable to withstand the fall.  Oh yes, buy this milk, never again lose a carton of milk due to incompetent bagging.


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  1. I’ve wondered about Darigold milk, but didn’t know anyone who drank it. Now I do! Love your blog Debbie! This is Alicia from Thursday night pottery by the way.

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