Maybe I Do Need Knives


If you know me, you know one thing missing in my kitchen is knives.  Maybe, it is an irrational fear I have.  Watching those Ginseng knife commercials with the knife slicing through the can.  Well, geez, I don’t want to cut my arm off.  Then those stupid Freddie Kruger type movies.  Imagine Freddie busts into my house one night…he says “DARN” (he says it really scary), I forgot to bring a knife.  In my drawer he is going to find some weird potato peeler, a dull paring knife, a an assortment of steak knives (don’t you feel safer already?).  BUT if I had the chef’s set of knives he would be deciding between the meat cleaver or butcher’s knife.  Of course it would be a pretty funny movie if he were trying to off someone with a pizza cutter (that’s what would happen if they were making the movie at my place).

Anyway, I had to use a bread knife that Miechelle (stop it spell check, I am pretty sure that is how she spells her name) left behind at my house.  One carefully buried in a drawer…so that I would feel safer. IMG_2952

My slice came out bigger than I wanted.  So, I was forced to eat this huge piece of watermelon.  Now I feel like a human water balloon.  If you dropped me off the top of my house, more than likely I would explode.   Which is how knifeless Freddie would probably have to kill me.  Yes, Freddie and I, masters of improvisation.  IMG_2953

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