When I read the sales pitch for starting your own blog, I was super impressed by the potential to earn 6 figures.  Quit my job and become another Internet success story, the 21st century American dream. Sign me up, the sooner the better.

Shortly after jumping in impulsively, I realized you have to have valuable information to sell your blog.  Something like how to find a good handyman.  Forget it, never gonna happen.  Or a how-to website on how to do the stuff you will never find a handyman to do.  Or something easier like how to lose 50 lbs., marry a rich and handsome man, or win the lottery.  I got nothin’.

Obviously I can’t get rich selling my art…hence the term “starving artist”.  Maybe I could write a blog about being happy, without a handyman, rich/attractive spouse, millions in lottery winnings, and being a little on the plus size.  I could rename my blog The Happy Starving Artist, The Happy Loser, Mundane and Proud of It???

By the way…I did finally find a handyman. On Angie’s List (a 6 figure website).    He cut through two of my floor joists.  Now my floor feels jiggly. I am afraid of falling through the floor, the need to lose 50 lbs has become a urgent need.    Then he bent the crap out of my air exchange dealy (OK, maybe that is not a real word…HECK this ain’t scrabble leave me alone spell check).  Now I need another handyman to check out the work this guy did and maybe fix it.  But at least the air conditioner repair people can get under my house now.  YES that is right no central air.  The weather man is saying things on the forecast about heat dome.  You want heat dome?  Come to my house I am living under my own personal heat dome.  No central air all summer long. BUMMER  You would think the pounds would melt off, walking into my own personal sauna each evening…but no.  Just hot and plus-sized.  Several people have asked, “Have you ever thought about selling your house?”  OR maybe you should move.  Obviously, they are reality based individuals that can see finding a handyman is highly unlikely.   Apparently realtors are much more accessible.

I’ll bet realtors make 6 figures.

At least my house is a delightful shade of pink.


5 thoughts on “BLOG $$ BLOG $$ BLOG”

  1. Oh my lands! I’m so sorry you don’t have air conditioning yet!!! But thank you for making me laugh tonight!

  2. Hi,

    I have read 2 posts on your website – all of them are very good.
    I added to favourite websites.
    What do You think about Brexit? Are You proponent or oponent?


    1. I have read that withdrawal from the EU with have serious economic repercussions for the economy of the UK. I think joining the EU in the first place was a mistake. I tend to favor national autonomy. In my opinion those joining the union subjugate themselves to be ruled by others, the citizens lose their power and voice. Nations that self-rule can form alliances against the occasional fascist ruler that rears his ugly head. One world economies, global leaders…too much power in too few hands.

  3. Hi,

    I have read 2 articles on your blog – all of them are very good.
    I added to favourite websites.
    What do You think about Brexit? Are You proponent or oponent?


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