Sleepless in the House of Many Colors

So five AC guys later…still no central air.

I know most people think if they could just win the lottery they would buy a gigantic house.  ME…I think, hey, I could fix my house.  Maybe I could buy a skinny little heat and air guy…oh, yeah, I think that is called human trafficking.  Just my luck, I win the lottery and immediately end up in prison.  I would be featured on that show about people who win the lottery and ruin their lives.

I am sure if I ended up on TV it would be some terrible show like “Snapped”, “Hoarders”, “48 Hours Mystery”, or “Biggest Loser”.  I am imagining myself standing on that podium in a sports bra. Followed by a tearful story about my emotional eating due to abandonment by heat and air men.  Anonymity not such a bad place to live.


One thought on “Sleepless in the House of Many Colors”

  1. I have missed your blog! All caught up now….and I so love it! Can’t believe you’ve had to go the whole summer without AC. So sorry! Your living room is beautiful! Your pottery is amazing and unique. I think I’ve looked through everything. And I agree with you about Ikea food. My Swedish grandmother makes real meatballs. So different. ?

    I hope you find a good handyman soon.

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