No Kidding…This Really Happened

OK…Cool thing about my town, they are always filming some movie here.  Two in my neighborhood.  Once there was a catering truck out on the street, guys dressed like gangsters, and cars from back in the day right outside my door.  The second time there were cars from the 50’s and a wardrobe truck on the street.  Right now there is a Western being filmed in town.

Anyway, Friday I get a letter saying my house is under consideration to be used in a film, if I am interested.  Well, of course my house is totally junked out…another project in process.  Old living room furniture shoved into dining room, backroom furniture shoved into bedroom. I hesitate then figure what the heck and call back. Amazing how much you can get done in a couple of days when someone is coming to check out your house. Today someone came by to photograph the inside of my house.   Fortunately, they were thin enough to squeeze through my furniture maze.  Wow, my house could be famous!!!

Times like this I long to be thinner,  just in case some celebrity starts hanging out at my house. So, of course I ate a salad for lunch…tacos for dinner (a taco is like a salad right?).  Then I watched Dancing with the Stars and imagined myself on the show, after my house blog catapults me into celebrity status.  Louis van Amstel will be my dance partner.  Yep, the guy paired with people that don’t have a prayer of winning.

We will see….