The one time of the year that I am asked to make hot rolls.  Because I am renowned for my wonderful award winning hot rolls…uh, no.  Actually, I pick out a random recipe each year from one of those cookbooks put together by a 4-H group or church.  This year it is Belinda’s Light Rolls, OK Belinda, I am counting on you.

Each year as I am mixing a bag of flour into a few cups of liquid with a serving spoon from my dinnerware set, I long for one of those Kitchen Aide mixers in pink. I imagine effortlessly blending cups and cups of flour into a couple of cups of liquid.  The problem is where would I store a gigantic 30 lb mixer?  I’ll bet the Pioneer Woman even has a Kitchen Aide mixer…some pioneer.  Then I couldn’t find my special hot roll making bowl, so I am using the top of a cake carrier to let the dough rise in.

Each year my mother will wistfully say, I really miss my mother’s hot rolls they were so light and yeasty.  The ones made without a recipe, back in the day when all women could make pie crust, bread, egg noodles, instinctively with no recipe book, probably didn’t even measure.  No Kitchen Aid mixer either.

The best thing I make…once a year…is broccoli rice casserole.  Not one of those cheese whizzy or Velvetta ones.  This one is amazing.  Bakes for an hour and a half, a pound of cheddar, eggs, oil, fresh broccoli,rice, cream of mushroom soup, a little milk.  My invention?  No, found in my handy dandy 4-H cookbook.  Probably made by Belinda’s sister.

Anyway, tomorrow is a day of thanks.  Thankful for family and friends.  Thankful for a multitude of blessings great and small.  And hopefully thankful that my hot rolls turned out really great….if not there is always next year.

God bless you this Thanksgiving!

Online Ghost Town

Yes, its like you can see the tumbleweeds blowing by in the wind through my deserted website.  Where have I been?

Working on my house of course!

Spent Veterans Day sanding baseboards…ugh…wearing fogged over goggles, dusk mask, and ear plugs.  Never felt more attractive.  Wondering how long it would take to become brain damaged from lack of oxygen.  Thank God that part is done.  Next plastering and yet more sanding.  I passionately hate sanding…

Today, I bought this kick butt mold killing primer.  NOTE to all- never read the product warnings.  Basically, if you inhale, get any on you, or get any in your eyes; you should rush to an emergency room.  Is the mold or mildew that life-threatening or dangerous?  I feel like I should wear a hazmat suit to paint those little moldy spots.  They probably can’t even sell the paint in California.  What I need is a fearless 70 year old man to brush the paint on.  You know the type.  The type that tosses a cigarette butt into a can of gasoline.   Yeah, the old guy smoking a cigarette, driving around with no seat belt, throwing caution to the wind every step of the way.  The same warning is probably on the toilet bowl cleaner.  This is why I never clean the bathroom…too dangerous.

Hopefully, I will be finished, by the end of the month.  Who am I kidding?  This is going to take FOREVER!!!

I hate you Bob Villa, you made an old house seem like a fun adventure. *sigh*  I always wanted to marry Bob Villa, next best thing to a rich man.