So, I know chalk paint is all the rage on Pinterest.   However, I am not loving it.  Despite the high cost of paint I dove in. Why? I hate sanding. I had heard no priming necessary you can paint over any surface.  NOT polyurethane apparently.  It was like milk on glass. Since, there was no refund on the pricey paint, I soldiered on. Purchasing additional cans of paint.  Eventually, slathering 3 cans of the stuff on.  I had air bubbles, runs, cracks…$150 later and countless, frustrating, hours of my life later.  I think the paint has finally stuck to my built in book shelves.  AM I FINISHED??  NO.  I still need to paint on the waxy topcoat.  Wait 24 long hours for it to dry, then buff it out to acheive a nice glossy surface.  Reapplying as necessary.  What $30 waxy topcoat is not permanant?  I don’t even wax my car.  Now I am committed to shelf waxing.   sigh..pout…brood

10 Things I Love Better than Chalk Paint

  1. The movie Hot Tub Time Machine
  2. A trip to the dentist
  3. Spam (
  4. Cats (:
  5. Colonoscopies
  6. Handymen
  7. Fingernails on a chalkboard
  8. Tornado season
  9. Pantyhose
  10. Diets

Why am I writing on my blog?  To avoid my chalk painting project.

Ugh…I guess I will go wax my shelves and plan to be at home 24 hours later to buff them out.  I wonder what happens if it is 27 hours later or 30.  What is my window of opportunity???  Why can’t it be daylight savings time this weekend?  Would that actually help or give me even less time?  10 things I hate more than chalk paint wax….