It has been so long since I posted.  Where have I been?  At a crossroads in life.  Living an episode of Love It or List It.  Do I stay here in the house of my youth?  One of the longest relationships in my life.  Or do I move?  Find a younger model, someone that will take care of me for a change?  Less demanding?  Low maintenance?  Or is it one of those devil you don’t know situations?

To be honest, I love the underdogs.  The mistreated, abused, and neglected homes.  You can be great again…you just need a little love…excuse me while I go buy a truckload of paint and calk.  I call realtors make appointments to see move in ready homes. Which vanish as soon as they hit the pages of Zillow.  I feign disappointment.  Am I really ready for this?  Then I find a house…the one that steals my heart…termite damage…who cares…Fido wrecked the carpet…who cares…rotting siding…I love you.  I imagine myself paintbrush in hand, brushing a wide palette of colors on the walls.  Lavishing cash on my new love. I am smitten, blinded with affection, not seeing the warts.  Yet, looking back with longing at my 87 year old hardwood floors.  Familiar and safe vs. strange and uncertain. Swapping my small sleepy everyone knows everyone town for the city, where people come and go without notice.

So, I reluctantly went to see the house.  The one with only one crappy Zillow photo.  A pile of branches in the driveway.  A dark nondescript backyard photo.  It was love at first sight.  I am convinced it was meant to be.  The realtor can see I am not ready to leave, as I bounce from room to room. He has somewhere else to be.  He says take your time, lock up behind you.  Soon the driveway is full of cars, I have two friends, my son, and two kids exploring the house.  I tell them to envision the cookouts we will have, Sunday dinners in the new dining room, walks to the community pool.  I want them to love the new place as much as I do.  BUT AM I READY FOR A COMMITMENT?  Could this be the biggest mistake of my life?  Then I grin, thinking of the realtor and wonder what he would think of all my guests.  The house probably liked the visitors, it has been empty over a year.

What is a girl to do?