The School Bus Yellow Room

This my living room, which I redid recently.

I started by removing the wallpaper, patching plaster, sanding, and painting on this amazing happy color.  I think the paint color was called Daffodil, but really it looks a little bit like School Bus Yellow.  I wonder how many cans of School Bus Yellow they could sell.  Flashbacks of stinky soggy peanut butter sandwiches, stale hot air, and one bumpy ride…yeah, I want a can of that.


The inspiration for this room was my daughter’s painting.  It was one of her still life paintings in college.  Don’t you love the colors?


I saw this crazy gigantic frame at Hobby Lobby and had the idea of floating the painting.   Super happy with the results.

Thanks, to my good friend Dalena for helping me hang this heavy frame on my plaster wall.  Happy to have a friend that carries a masonry bit and knows how to use it.



Another amazing friend, Leslie and her daughter, “volunteered” to take me to Ikea.  Where they had the perfect size bookcases.  They just barely fit into her husband’s massive SUV.  After driving for hours and getting in late that night, she helped me haul in these super heavy boxes.  If only you could take the Ikea loading guy home with you.

I had never been to Ikea before, it was AMAZING.  (But don’t eat the food. I have had hospital food, it is better).

She also took me in her sporty SUV to buy this cute little chair to add a little more fun to the room.  Patiently driving me from store to store.  Listening to my ranting about needing the perfect chair.  And of course ending back at the first store to buy this chair.  At least we didn’t have to go out-of-state this time.

The chair.  My college painting on the wall.



(So, my picture is sideways.  What to do?  Spend hours figuring out how to make it upright?  Save face and delete it?   When I am working on the page it looks fine.  I am going with leave it.  OK, so obviously, I have no idea what I am doing here.  I could retake the photo, horizontally.   HELP!!!!!  If I were Elvis, I would get a gun and shoot the computer.  I wonder why Elvis shot his TV?  I am guessing he didn’t like the way Lucy was manipulating her husband. Oops…drifting off topic. I was going to call my blog the meandering mind, but that was already taken.  Parenthesis=irrelevant commentary of novice blogger.)

My son helping me put together the bookcases.  It was a nice way to spend the day.  We assembled these and didn’t even break out into an argument.



IMG_2856 (2)


It took several months to find everything to complete the room.  The couches alone took almost 3 months to get.  Apparently turquoise couches are not flying off the showroom floor.

Well, I like it.

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